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the new eDare website, the commercial company providing services, projects and custom developments based on the eDreamers solutions.

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Email us anytime by clicking on the icon, anywhere in this website (support@edreamers.org)

What is eDreamers about?

eDreamers' main objective is to deliver tools & techniques to build data-driven web-based applications: the eDreamers Pack. We are using well known free or inexpensive technologies, often PHP and MySQL, in order to allow fast and cost effective implementation.

We already have implemented solutions for several customers including data processing applications, dynamic web sites, activities management tools and web-based user interfaces to legacy applications.

This is a challenging project on which we're working besides our personal and professionnal lives. If you believe in its merits, please help out, either as a developer or with a donation.

Discover our Solutions, read our Articles and feel free to Contribute to the eDreamers universe.

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